Email integration

An email is one of the main channels for enticing and retaining customers, that’s why integration with your email is so important. How it works:

  1. You receive an email with an order of a product or service from a client.
  2. A deal card is automatically created on BoardCRM based on this email.
  3. An assignee is appointed to the deal.
  4. You receive a notification about each incoming email and a deal created on its basis.

By automating the collection of emails in this way, you keep track of all the applications that you receive to your email. Customer data is stored as deal cards on BoardCRM.

How Can I Connect My Mail Service

Go to the “Board settings” section and select “Email integration”.

When choosing the Gmail mailbox service, all fields are filled in automatically. If the default settings differ from your email settings, make the changes manually. Then fill in your username (Email) and password for the application. If you selected the "Other email services" option, fill out the settings, username (Email), and password fields yourself.

Important! You may need an app password or an email password to add your email account to BoardCRM. To do this, check with your email service provider for the data you need to configure your email programs.

Main options and settings:

  1. Advanced settings: when choosing the Gmail mailbox service, all fields are filled in automatically. If you choose another mailbox service, you will have to fill out the data required for setting email programs yourself.
  2. “Mark emails as read” option: when choosing this option, emails are marked as read in your mailbox, and a deal card based on them is created on BoardCRM.
  3. “Import old emails to CRM” option — be careful when selecting this option because absolutely all emails from your mailbox will be moved to the "Incoming" column in CRM. The action will take some time to take place after you connect your email.

Reset Mail Service Settings

You can also reset your mailbox service settings and disconnect email from the BoardCRM board in the "Email integration" section. At the top of the panel, click on the "Reset settings and disconnect the email from the board" link and confirm the action. The data will be automatically reset.

Note: Only the account owner has access to the "Email integration" section.

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