Deal Filter

The more the customer base, the more difficult it is to manage. To make the work process seamless, use the deal filter on the board. Filters are set up by each Boardcrm user individually, i.e. filter settings on your board will be applied only to you.

The filter allows you to display deal cards that match the set parameters. For example, deals on the board created in a given period. Filters also allow you to sort all active deals on the board by creation and edit dates. 

Deal filtering features on BoardCRM

  1. Sort deals by creation and edit dates. This parameter directly affects the display of deals by the selected period.
  2. Display deals by the assignees. For this option, you can select multiple assignees or "No assignee". If several assignees are selected, all deals with at least one of the selected assignees will be displayed on the board.
  3. Display deals by certain creation or editing period. It depends on the selected parameter. If deals are sorted by "Creation date", then when you select a period in this field, all deals created during the period will be displayed. If deals are sorted by "Edit date", then when you select a period in this field, all the edited deals of the period will be displayed.
  4. Display deals by specific tags or without tags. Multiple tags or "No tags" can be selected for this option. If multiple tags are selected, all deals where at least one of the selected tags or all tags at once are added will be displayed.
  5. Sort deals by different deal and client fields. If you need to display all deals with a certain field, filled or empty, select this option. All the unnecessary deals will be hidden then. For example, you need to display deals with a phone number starting with +7900, if no deals with this number are found, the board will remain empty. In this case, try to change data for sorting or reset the filter.

Note: To reset the filtering parameters, click on the "Reset" button.

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