Tokens for API

API is a special tool that synchronizes Boardcrm with a website, various programs, or services. The number of synchronizations is unlimited. Use one of the ready-made automatic integrations or create your own using a public API.

Automatic configuration

When using a service that is already integrated with Boardcrm, create a new API token and add it to the appropriate field. To do this, go to Boardcrm Settings, select the "Tokens for API" section, and click the "+" icon. Enter the token name, e.g. "Site Integration" and then save. Install the token code that you get when creating the token according to the instructions of the service you chose.

Manual configuration

Boardcrm has also a public API that allows exchanging data with third-party services by means of special requests. A public API lets you set up the integration yourself: receive new deals and client information, create and edit data. When setting up the Boardcrm integration with the selected service, you must be very attentive. In case of errors, the synchronization will not happen. You can find Documentation on connecting API tokens here:

Note: Only the board owner can create an API token.

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