Data Filtering

To facilitate work with statistics, we suggest using filters. They display only the data that meets the specified conditions. All other information will be temporarily hidden.

Data filtering features

  1. Filter data by the selected period. By default, the information for the current month is displayed.

  2. Filter data by the assignees. For this option, you can select one, multiple, or no assignees to display on the board.
  3. Filter by tags. For this option, you can select one, multiple, or no tags to display on the board.
  4. Filter stats by deal and client fields. Displays all deals with a certain field, filled or empty. All the unnecessary deals will be hidden then. For example, you need to display deals with a phone number +1900-111-11-11. When you enter the value, all data on deals with the specified phone number will be displayed: the number of created deals for the whole time, as well as won and lost deals. If no deals with this number are found, the board will remain empty. In this case, try to change data for sorting or reset the filter.

Tip: To reset the filter, click on the "Reset" button.

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