Deals Calendar

Deals calendar is a task planner for managing work time, deals, and assignees. The calendar is available in 3 modes: day, week, and month. The month mode is displayed by default.

Review all deals with a set deadline, schedule time and new deals, and assign tasks to the free specialists. If you’ve changed your plans, move the deadline to the free time and date in the appropriate slot. If the number of deals doesn’t fit in the day slot, click the "More" button and view the full info about all deals scheduled for that day.

To create a new deal in the calendar, click the "+" icon, enter the necessary data, select the deal completion date and time, and the deal status (on which stage of the sales funnel the created deal will be placed), then save the changes. The new deal will automatically appear in the calendar.

Important: Don't forget to complete deals in the kanban or table board view (mark the deals as won or lost). All incomplete deals are removed automatically after, and the deal data won’t get to stats.

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