Creating a Booking Form

A booking form allows you to sign up for services in advance based on available time and date. To activate booking, go to the "Forms" section and select the "Booking module" tab. All available booking services will be displayed by default. If necessary, hide the services that you don’t want to be displayed in this form. If there are no services available for booking, use the instructions to create them.

After activating the module and selecting all desired services, go to the "Form fields" tab and add the necessary fields for the booking form.

Important: Add the name, email, and phone number fields and mark them required, otherwise you won't be able to contact the client and confirm the booking.

Who Is the Booking Module Useful For?

Booking module is perfect for all businesses and individuals who provide services. For example cleaning companies, car repair shops or beauty studios, dance schools or personal development coaches, as well as many other areas involved in offering services.

After activating the booking module and selecting available services, online booking with available time and date will be enabled in the form. Board admin can see all incoming requests from booking forms on the website, forms on social networks, or those sent to messengers, as well as can manually enter booked services selecting the appropriate time and date for the client.

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