Kanban and Table Board View

There are two types of board view in BoardCRM: kanban and table. You can select the one that suits you best in the right upper corner of the board.

Kanban View

The kanban view lets you save time at various stages of completing the task. Deals in kanban view are displayed as cards, and the drag-and-drop system allows you to drag and drop cards from one column to another. For example, to close a deal, just drag and drop it to the desired block at the bottom.

Table View

The table view is perfect for cases when you need to perform mass actions with deals. For example, to move several deals to another column simultaneously, follow these steps:

  1. select the table view;
  2. go to the desired column;
  3. select all the deals you’d like to move;
  4. at the bottom, go to “Action” > “Change status”;
  5. select the desired status: “In progress” (the name of the column);
  6. click on “Do”.

This way, you can do a mass delete of cards or add multiple users to the deals at once.

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