Import and Export


If you used another CRM, you can import the whole lead and deal database to BoardCRM in a few clicks. You will need a template to import the database. Go to “Board settings” > “Import and export” and click on “Download template”.

The template is in .xlsx format that can be opened with Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software. In the first row of the table, aliases should be indicated, which are short names of the card fields. Card fields aliases are:

  • title;
  • description;
  • price.

To check the card fields aliases of the deals of your board, go to “Board settings” > “Deal fields”.

Aliases of lead fields:

  • name;
  • phone;
  • add_phone — additional phone;
  • email;
  • telegram — link to the telegram profile;
  • website — link to the customer’s website;
  • skype — link to the Skype profile;
  • vk — link to the VK profile;
  • facebook — link to the Facebook profile;
  • note — information for the “Note” field;
  • organization - company name;
  • position - your position;
  • column_id — unique column number (sales pipeline stage) where you need to upload the deal.

The sales pipeline stage ID (column_id) can be found in the "Sales pipeline stages" section.


You can export your customer and deal base to use the data outside of BoardCRM. Lead and deal databases are downloaded separately in the .csv format.

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