General Settings

This section allows you to configure the CRM system as you think fit, making your interaction with BoardCRM more convenient.

Board name

After logging in to BoardCRM, the first thing you see is the board for working with clients and deals. The name of the board is set by default. To change the board name, go to “Board Settings” and select the “General settings” section. Enter the board name in the corresponding field. The changes will be applied automatically.

Price and currency

When working with foreign clients or suppliers, you have to run deals in foreign currencies. BoardCRM provides several popular currencies. To select the desired one, click on the “Currency” field and select the desired currency from the list.

In addition, you can select a numeric field (if there is more than one) that indicates the deal price. This is this field that affects the total price of the deals when it’s calculated in the “Stats” section.

Assign Automatically

In this section, you can select one of the options concerning assignees when editing the deal.

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