Deal fields

A deal card, as well as a lead card, contains various fields. It’s important to specify the fields correctly because they influence the information that gets into the system. Deal field settings let:

  1. add a new field;
  2. make a field visible or invisible;
  3. edit an existing field;
  4. remove a field.

New Field Values

When creating a new field, you can choose one of the following field types:

  1. Text (line) — a field with one line for describing a deal;
  2. Text (multi-line) — a field that allows you to break lines;
  3. Number;
  4. Checkbox;
  5. List — a drop-down list where one of the values should be chosen;
  6. Date;
  7. Link.

Note: After configuring the deal fields, the changes are applied automatically to the existing and new deal cards.

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