Setting a Deadline in the Deal Card

Use the deadline setting to set reminders in assignments and receive overdue assignment notifications that you get at the specified time. If you need to set a reminder in advance, take this into account when selecting a time.

Plus, these parameters directly influence the deal display in the calendar. Depending on the selected start and end dates, the deal is displayed on the set date and time in the calendar. If the start and end dates are selected for several days, the deal will be displayed accordingly. This allows you to find free time for a new record or more effectively assign a specialist.

To set the deal deadline on the board, click on the "..." icon and select "Deal deadline"

or open the deal card and set the deadline inside the card.

To set a deal reminder, select the date and time when the deal will be completed. If only the start date is selected, you won’t receive a notification.

The deadline will be displayed on the deal card. It has 3 colored statuses:

  • red — deal is overdue;
  • beige — deal is in progress;
  • green — deal deadline met.

To assign the “Deadline met” status, click on the deal card and check the scheduled deadline in the upper right corner.

If only the deal start date is set, the card will show one status: beige — deal is in progress.

Important: The deal won’t close automatically after the due date. You will only receive a notification that the deal is overdue.

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