How Can I Create an Application Form?

Create your own user-friendly application form which will allow you to collect customer requests directly from the social networks or your website. The completed form will automatically get to BoardCRM. To create an application form, go to the “Forms” section on the “Home” page.

In the section that will open, click on “Create form”. Enter the name of the form that will be displayed in the title and finish the action by clicking on “Create”. Now, you need to configure the form design, its fields, and their order. You can do this under “Form settings.”

Form Field Settings

To add a field to the application form, go to “Form fields” and click on the “+” icon. In the window that will appear, you will see:

  • the field type. The items in this list are the created deal and lead fields. You can edit them in the Board settings (the “Lead field settings” and “Lead field settings” sections);
  • the field name. The name of the field that will be displayed in the application form.

You can view the application form the way your clients will see it by clicking on “Preview”. You can edit the fields using the system buttons: change the field type, change the order or remove the field.

Form Settings

To configure the application form, go to “Form settings” where you can:

  • change its name;
  • select the field and text color;
  • select the form language. This option is also applied to the error texts and the “Send” button;
  • change the message displayed after sending a form;
  • attach a link to the Personal Data Processing Agreement;
  • specify the email where the requests from the form will be sent to.

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